Forest Friends' Nature Club Album

by Ginalina

Released 2015
Ginalina Music
Released 2015
Ginalina Music
Nominated for best album of the year (Canadian Folk Music Awards), CBC artist and family folk singer-songwriter presents her 2nd CD, Forest Friends' Nature Club Album: 17 nature-inspired songs about trees, honeybees, the gentle breeze, and more.
Ginalina ( is family and children's folk musician and singer-songwriter. Parent's Choice Children Media and Toy Reviews writes: "Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Ginalina takes a modern, gentle folk approach to her songs that inspire imaginative play and creativity in children."

Forest Friends' Nature Club Album is one big adventure in Vancouver's great outdoors and will enrich, entertain, and inspire children, students, and adults alike! This second album feature over 40 minutes of music and 17 original songs incorporating both English and French. It incorporates a full and folky band of artists who have performed and toured with Carolyn Arends, Brian Doerksen, and The Dan Brubeck Quartet: Adam Thomas, Spencer Capier, Steve Charles, Mike LeGrice, Noah Zacharin, Joseph Lam, Kathleen Nesbit, and a special Children's Choir.

Over 15 instruments include: banjo, mandolin, guitar, piano, mandola, bouzouki, drums, fiddle, slide guitar, tambourine, shaker, kazoo, whistle, electric bass, upright bass, and wurlitzer.

Sandcastle Magic (2012): Parent's Choice Award, Mom's Choice Award
Forest Friends Nature Club (2015): Nominated for Best Album of the Year (Canadian Folk Music Awards - Children's), National Parenting Publications Award, Mom's Choice Award

Songwriting Workshops

Ginalina is an Artist with BC ArtStarts in Schools, which provides innovative arts programs for young people, practical resources for teachers and artists, and leadership in advocacy for arts in education.